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 RIP June 15th 2019


June 15th 2019.  Joseph and Adrienne Harris suffered the loss of their beautiful daughter Alina Denise Harris.  Born as a deceased fetus.  Adrienne Harris woke up that morning around 4 a.m. She was having severe stomach pains.  They were praying and hoping that it had nothing to do with the baby.  Adrienne went to the bathroom hoping that's what it was.  She ended up having blood come out her vaginal region.  They then knew something was wrong.  Joseph called 911 immediately. 


The pain was getting worse and worse.  The ambulance finally picked us up and we headed to the hospital (Adventist Health, San Joaquin).  When they arrived they immediately hooked up a baby monitor to Adrienne.  The nurse could not find a pulse.  Adrienne immediately started crying.  Praying and hoping her baby was still alive.  The nurse called for a doctor and a ultra sound was ordered. 

A few hours later the baby was announced dead.  As the baby laid deceased in Adrienne stomach that fetus released toxins into Adrienne's body.  That is when a lot of complications started to happen with her.  She started bleeding out of her vaginal region.  The doctor ordered for induced labor to get the baby out.  Also had to order a blood transplant as Adrienne was losing too much blood and wasn't clotting.  Later found out she had developed DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation).  This is when the body can't clog to stop the bleeding.  Many hours went by as it seemed like Adrienne might bleed to death.

As the nurses and doctors worked to get blood back in her and try and stop the bleeding.  The induced labor was not working and nothing seemed to get better.  The doctor had to make a decision and a C-section was ordered.  It was explained that there was a high risk of Adrienne bleeding out and dying.  The family was terrified for the safety of there loving family member Adrienne Harris.

Finally at around 10pm Adrienne was pulled into surgery.

It seemed like hours had passed for the family.  Around midnight someone came in the room to tell us that Adrienne had survived the surgery.  The family wasn't all the way out of the fire because Adrienne was still in a bad condition.  As she was still suffering from DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation) and losing a lot of blood still.  Luckily with the doctors working around the clock.  Four days later the doctors were able to get Adrienne in stable condition.  Even able to walk and use the bathroom again.

"We thank our family and friends.  We thank all the nurses and doctors that were such a great help.  The hospital staff showed great support and remorse for the loss of our child Alina Denise Harris (Everyone loved the name).  All of our family showed amazing love and support.  Our prayers were answered for Adrienne's life. Unfortunately our prayers were not answered for Alina's life.  We ask everyone for help with Alina's burial and the massive hospital bills that we will have.  You can donate what ever you want.  If everyone donated at least a dollar we would be so grateful.  We love you all and we hope for your support."

Joseph & Adrienne Harris

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